• Tips for Better Landscape Compositions

    Tips for Better Landscape Compositions

    Hey there, fellow art enthusiast! Are you ready to level up your landscape compositions and take your artistic skills to the next level? In this tutorial, we’re diving deep into the world of landscape composition, armed with a powerful video that demonstrates how to use a photo reference as a starting point for your watercolor…

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  • Design and Composition Basics for Landscapes

    Design and Composition Basics for Landscapes

    The world of design and composition has captivated me from the moment I dipped my toes into the waters of learning basic watercolor techniques. It became clear to me that once I had a grasp on the medium, the biggest challenge would be mastering the art of designing and composing. After pushing through the initial…

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  • Watercolor Landscape Composition Tutorial

    Watercolor Landscape Composition Tutorial

    Landscape painting can be a challenge. It requires a keen understanding of design and composition to create successful landscapes. In this article, I’ll share some key aspects of landscape painting, including choosing the right reference photo, breaking down elements, applying design principles, creating depth and perspective, capturing different elements, adding focal points, achieving a harmonious…

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  • Watercolor Landscape Tutorial

    Watercolor Landscape Tutorial

    Watercolor landscape painting is difficult! Even for the most experienced artists things can go wrong even though much thought has been given to it before paint hit the paper. But, when that happens it’s best to use inferior works as a learning tool! That’s what this watercolor landscape tutorial is all about. I’ll walk you…

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