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Watercolor Fanatic is now available on Patreon. Here you can connect Robert on Live Monthly events, and access exclusive tutorials. Members also get generous discounts on courses.

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Self-Guided Online Courses.

Watercolor Fanatics offers many courses for all levels, from very beginner to advanced artists. Courses provide an excellent step-by-step process with assignments and checkpoints to ensure you’re on point with lessons.

Amazing class. An absolute must for anyone that wants to understand and use watercolors. Excellent teacher with outstanding classes.

—Eleanor Lefebure

The best beginner and intermediate watercolor course I have taken! I only wish I would have discovered this class sooner. It would have sped up my progress immensely. Excellent teacher!

—Lake Simone

Excellent set of lessons. Taking this class, and others of yours, has changed my approach and it’s actually fun to paint with watercolors now.

—Josie Swan