Wet-in-Wet Watercolor Washes Using Three Common Mixtures Part 2

Join us as we explore three common watercolor mixtures: Tea, Milk, and Honey. Uncover the secrets to creating stunning wet-in-wet watercolor effects.

Wet-in-Wet Watercolor Washes Using Three Common Mixtures
Wet-in-Wet Watercolor Washes Using Three Common Mixtures

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore three common watercolor mixtures: Tea, Milk, and Honey. With each mixture, you'll discover how to create captivating wet-in-wet washes. We'll not only delve into the practical aspects but also break down the science behind these mixtures to help you gain a deeper understanding of this captivating technique.

Watercolor painting is all about mastering the delicate dance between water and pigment. One of the fundamental techniques in watercolor is the wet-in-wet wash, where colors blend seamlessly on your paper. To achieve this, artists often employ various mixtures to control the flow and behavior of their pigments.

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Let's Discuss How to Master Wet-in-Wet Washes Using the Three Common Mixtures

Here, we'll provide a detailed analysis of each of these prevalent mixtures. While various instructors might have their unique terms for them, I found that likening them to tea, milk, and honey was a mnemonic that greatly assisted me during my watercolor journey. I trust that it will prove equally helpful to you as you explore the world of watercolor painting.

Tea Mixture:

Tea, often referred to as the lightest of the three mixtures, resembles the gentle flow of watercolors. It's crucial to add this mixture to your wet wash immediately. Waiting too long might lead to undesirable effects such as 'ballooning,' where the paper's surface starts to dry before the paint can fully interact. We'll explore techniques to ensure that your tea mixture blends seamlessly, producing those soft transitions that make wet-in-wet watercolors so enchanting.


Understanding tea mixtures is the key to mastering watercolors. If you can harness the issues it can cause when working into washes you will be well on your way to leveling up your work. It's all about water management!

Milk Mixture:

The milk mixture strikes a balance between water and pigment. With more paint and less water compared to the tea mixture, you'll have a bit more time to work with it. This extra pigment in the mixture reduces the risk of 'ballooning,' making it a versatile choice for various watercolor effects. We'll delve into the specifics of using milk mixtures, including how to create gradients, texture, and depth with this medium.

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Honey Mixture:

Honey, as you might guess, is mostly pigment with very little water. This characteristic makes it incredibly flexible when adding it to a wet wash. Unlike tea, you can introduce honey mixture at any point during your painting process without fear of disrupting your washes. We'll explore the creative possibilities offered by honey mixtures, including how to achieve vibrant color blooms and dramatic contrasts.

It's Time for the Video Tutorial

To provide you with a visual understanding of these mixtures, we've included a video tutorial in this guide. Watch as we demonstrate how to prepare and use tea, milk, and honey mixtures in your wet-in-wet watercolor washes. You'll witness firsthand how these mixtures behave on paper and how to harness their unique qualities for your creative endeavors.

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