Fun Drawing Exercise to Improve Your Skills

In this blog post, we’ll explore this unique drawing exercise and how it can be a fantastic tool for enhancing your skills. Additionally, we’ll delve into the world of using unconventional tools, such as watercolors and paintbrushes, to create art that truly stands out.

Art is a skill that requires constant practice and experimentation to improve. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out, trying new techniques and exercises can help you grow and develop your artistic abilities. One such exercise that can be both challenging and enjoyable is drawing with the opposite hand that you normally use.

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The Opposite Hand Drawing Exercise

Imagine trying to write with your non-dominant hand – it feels awkward and unfamiliar, right? The same concept applies to drawing. When you draw with your non-dominant hand, it forces you to break free from your comfort zone and engage your brain in a new way. This exercise can lead to surprising results and personal breakthroughs in your artistic journey.

Benefits of the Opposite Hand Drawing Exercise

  1. Enhanced Creativity: Drawing with your non-dominant hand taps into the more intuitive, creative side of your brain. You’ll likely find yourself taking risks and experimenting with shapes, lines, and techniques you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.
  2. Improved Hand-Eye Coordination: The exercise challenges your hand-eye coordination, helping you develop a better understanding of how your hand moves in relation to what you’re observing or envisioning.
  3. Heightened Observation: Since you can’t rely on muscle memory, you’ll pay closer attention to the details of your subject. This can lead to more accurate depictions and a greater appreciation for the nuances in your surroundings.
  4. Mindfulness and Focus: Engaging in the opposite hand drawing exercise requires concentration and mindfulness. You become fully present in the moment, fostering a deeper connection with your art.
Fun Drawing Exercise to Improve Your Skills

Video Demonstration: Exploring Opposite Hand Drawing with Watercolors

In the accompanying video demonstration, you’ll witness firsthand how the opposite hand drawing exercise can be taken to the next level by incorporating watercolors and a paintbrush. Watercolors introduce an element of fluidity and unpredictability to the process, making it even more exciting and challenging.

In the video, I embark on a journey of creativity and experimentation. I use my non-dominant hand to create a series of studies, each featuring a different subject. From simple objects to more complex scenes, the process captures the essence of the exercise – embracing imperfections and relishing in the unexpected outcomes.

Drawing Beyond Pencils: Exploring Watercolors and Paintbrushes

While pencils are a traditional choice for drawing, embracing alternative tools can unlock new dimensions of creativity. Watercolors, known for their vibrant hues and ethereal effects, can be a fantastic medium to pair with the opposite hand drawing exercise.

The combination of using your non-dominant hand and experimenting with watercolors can lead to stunning results. The unpredictability of the medium can create beautiful textures, blends, and washes that evoke emotions and add depth to your artwork.


Artistic growth is a continuous journey that thrives on experimentation and stepping out of your comfort zone. The opposite hand drawing exercise, complemented by the use of unconventional tools like watercolors and paintbrushes, is a wonderful way to challenge yourself and expand your artistic horizons.

As you embark on this creative adventure, remember that the goal isn’t perfection – it’s about embracing the process, fostering creativity, and pushing the boundaries of your skills. So, gather your art supplies, prepare to use that non-dominant hand, and immerse yourself in the joy of artistic exploration. Your artistic journey will be all the richer for it.

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