How To Paint an Abstract Urban Landscape with Watercolors

Learn how to craft your abstract urban watercolor masterpiece with our step-by-step guide. Don't miss the 10-minute video tutorial and inspiring resource images!

How To Paint an Abstract Urban Landscape with Watercolors
Visiting Vinalhaven (detail) by Robert Joyner

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps of creating your own abstract urban watercolor masterpiece. Be sure to watch the accompanying 10-minute video tutorial and explore the resource images provided for inspiration and reference.

Watercolor painting is a captivating and versatile medium that can capture the essence of urban landscapes in a unique and expressive way. Abstract urban landscapes, in particular, provide a creative outlet to showcase the energy and vibrancy of city life while allowing for personal interpretation and artistic freedom.

Materials You'll Need

Before we delve into the creative process, gather the necessary materials:

  1. Watercolor paper (cold-pressed or rough texture is recommended for better absorption)
  2. Watercolor paints (a basic palette of primary colors plus additional urban tones like grays, blacks, and blues)
  3. Watercolor brushes (variety of sizes, including round and flat brushes)
  4. Water containers (one for clean water, another for rinsing)
  5. Paper towels or a clean cloth
  6. Pencil and eraser
  7. Masking tape or painter's tape (optional, for creating clean edges)
  8. Palette for mixing colors

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Finding Inspiration

Before you begin, immerse yourself in the world of urban landscapes. Look at photographs, paintings, and artwork that capture the essence of city life. Observe the interplay of light and shadows, the geometry of buildings, and the dynamic movement of people and vehicles. Allow these images to inspire your own interpretation.

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Video Tutorial Time!

Good news and bad news. Good news is if you are a paid member you get access to the 10 minute video demonstration where I paint this lovely urban watercolor landscape from start to finish. If not, this is where the fun ends. You can always sign up and get access to this video and all the others on this site.