Embrace the Unexpected, Abstract Urban Watercolor Landscapes

Delve into liberating approach to painting that enables you to express yourself from traditional norms and welcome the unforeseen with open arms.

Embrace the Unexpected, Abstract Urban Watercolor Landscapes
Embrace the Unexpected, Abstract Urban Watercolor Landscapes (detail)

Welcome to an exciting journey into the world of loose and abstract urban watercolor landscapes. In this blog post, we'll explore the liberating and expressive style of painting that allows you to break free from conventions and embrace the unexpected.

Whether you're a seasoned artist looking to infuse more spontaneity into your work or a beginner eager to explore a unique approach, this guide and accompanying video tutorial (below) are here to inspire and guide you.

Embrace the Unexpected, Abstract Urban Watercolor Landscapes
Leaving the Cafe by Robert Joyner

Embracing the Unexpected

The Beauty of Imperfection; One of the fundamental principles of painting loosely is embracing imperfections. Unlike traditional approaches that strive for precision, this style encourages you to see mistakes as opportunities rather than setbacks. In our video tutorial, you'll witness how a seemingly 'wrong' brushstroke or a color that doesn't quite match your initial vision can lead to beautiful and unexpected results. By allowing these unplanned elements to coexist with your original intent, you create artwork that feels alive and dynamic.

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Resilience and Adaptation; Our video demonstration will undoubtedly feature moments where things don't go as planned. But instead of abandoning the painting in frustration, we'll show you how to adapt and evolve your work based on these unplanned occurrences. This resilience in the face of artistic challenges is a hallmark of loose painting. It encourages you to stay open to new possibilities and turn 'mistakes' into innovative solutions.

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