Advanced Watercolor Landscape Tutorial using Photo Reference

Explore the art of crafting captivating watercolor landscapes from photo references in this tutorial. Unlock the skills to transform photographs into evocative masterpieces.

Advanced Watercolor Landscape Tutorial using Photo Reference
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Watercolor painting is a beautiful and expressive medium, especially when it comes to capturing the splendor of landscapes. In this tutorial, we will explore how to create a stunning watercolor landscape using a photo reference. By the end, you'll have the skills to translate a photograph into a captivating and evocative watercolor painting.

Let's get started creating an amazing watercolor landscape using photo reference

Let's embark on an artistic adventure and bring to life an extraordinary watercolor landscape using a captivating photo reference. With brushes in hand and a world of colors at our disposal, we'll unveil the beauty of nature on a blank canvas, channeling emotions and creativity to craft an awe-inspiring masterpiece.


Before we begin, gather the following watercolor materials:

  1. Watercolor paints: High-quality artist-grade paints are recommended for better results.
  2. Watercolor paper: Choose a heavyweight, acid-free paper specifically designed for watercolor painting.
  3. Brushes: A variety of brushes in different sizes, including rounds and flats, will be useful.
  4. Water container: To clean your brushes and control water flow while painting.
  5. Palette: For mixing and diluting the watercolor paints.
  6. Masking tape: To secure the paper to your working surface and create clean edges.
  7. Pencil and eraser: For sketching your initial design on the watercolor paper.
  8. Photo reference: A high-resolution image of a landscape that inspires you.

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